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Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib Bidar, Karnataka, India

Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib

Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib

Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Saheb Bidar, Karnataka, India is situated at the Hill foot of the Bidar. It is 2 K.M. away from the Railway Station of Bidar and ¼ K.M. from Bus Stand. Beautiful Cristal clear sweet water is flowing from within the Hill. This Gurudwara came into existence after the independence of India in 1948.   

The Gurudwara consists of Darbar Sahib with beautiful Paalki (palanquin) of Marble (Sang Marmar) , adjacent to it a big Diwan Hall and Langar Hall is situated. Also Sukhaasan Room (Rest room for Guru Granth Sahib Ji) and Likhari Room, where all donations are accepted and receipts are issued, has been constructed.

In front of Gurudwara stairs a beautiful Sarover (Sacred Tank) for Gents and ladies separately has been built, in which water of Sri Nanak Jhira (Water Spring) has been directed for pilgrims to have a holy dip and excess water is released for agriculture Purposes



Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib
As and when this world is infested with sins, injustice and tyranny, cruelty and evil, God Almighty has sent some pious soul to this world to destroy the above forces, so that righteousness and truth may prevail. In other words, God himself takes Birth in the form of some saintly person. It is believed that Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru of Sikh was the incarnation of God. Before his birth all kind of evil forces were rampant in India and World as well.

The situation in Punjab was even worst in those days. There was no sense of unity among Punjabis then. The invader used to rock the country by looting, robbing and by taking away the abducted Girls and Booty. The Indians had become weak and cowardly. At such dark period, Guru Nanak appeared in this burning Globe to preach love, equality, harmony and righteousness, service to humanity and truth.

Guru Nanak Devji was born on Kartik Purnima 1526 Bikrami (i.e. 1469 A.D.) at Talwandi Rai Bhoe, now known as Sri Nankana Sahib (now in Pakistan) at the house of Sri Mehta Kalu ji, an Accountant, & Mata Triptaji.

BIRTH : Kartik Purnima 1526 Bikrami (i.e. 1469 A.D)

BIRTH PLACE : Sri Nankana Sahib (Talwandi Rai Bhoe now in Pakistan)

PARENTS : Father - Mehta Kaluji , Mother - Mata Triptaji.

MARRIAGE : With Bibi Sulakhaniji D/o Sri Mool Chand ji at Village Pakhoke Randhawa in 1545 Bikrami.

CHILDREN : Baba Sri Chandji and Baba Lakhmi Chandji.

MISSIONARY TOURS : First Eastward in (1554 B) i.e 1501-1510 A.D
                                 second Southwards in (1567 B) 1510-1514 A.D
                                 Third Northwards in (1571 B) 1514-1517 A.D
                                 Fourth Westwards in (1575 B) 1517-1522 A.D
HEAVENLY ABODE : At Kartarpur (Ravi) District,Gurdaspur in 1596 B (1539 A.D) in Pakistan

There are numerous popular stories, miracles about the super Natural events & happenings during the childhood and youth of Guruji, due to which the pandits, Mullah, Physicians and Scholars of that period became stunned and answerless.
Guruji was married at the age of 19 with the daughter of Sri Mool Chand ji and got two children named Baba Sri Chand ji and Baba Lakhmi Chand ji.

On the persuasion of his brother in law, Bhai Jai ram ji (Husband of Guruji's Sister bibi Nanaki), Guruji accepted vocational employment as a Modi (Store- keeper) at sultanpur Lodhi under Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi, in his Modi Khana. At that time due to scarcity of currency (coins) the farmers used to pay revenue in kind only. Thus the post of Modi was considered to be very important one and only the honest, experienced, intelligent and able persons were appointed to such posts. During his tenure as Modi, Guru Nanak helped the poor generousely and liberally.

As per old chronicles, the Guruji , one morning , as usual went for a bath to nearby stream called Vaeen, which was in spate. He was disappeared and did not come out for three days continuously. The people thought that Guruji had drowned, but in fact it was a miracle where he was absorbed in Prayers and had become one reappeared Almighty.

After attaining immaculate divinity Guruji decided to dedicate his life for the service to people & to preach humanism ,egalitarianism,righteousness love for humanity, equality & probity etc., The Guru emancipate the people from the onslaught of Brahmins, Yogis Sadhus, Syeds and Fakirs perpetrated in the name of Religion. He had to awaken the fear stricken masses.

Guru Nanak Dev ji chalked out his Tour Programme divided into four missionary tours called " Udasees" in Sikh Chronicles. In all his tours Bhai Bala ji and Bhai were always his companions. Mardana ji used to Play Rabab and the Guru used to sing the divine music daily at dawn and evening (Sun-Set).

Guruji was well aware at the outset of these tours that if he was to defend the poor and distressed he will have to part with his family and keep his infant sons under others protection. He will have to experience untold unimaginable difficulties during his travel of thousands of miles on foot without any arrangement for his food and shelter. He was also aware that he will have to go through the burning deserts, dense Jungles, severities of weather without adequate clothes on body coupled with other numerous difficulties.

After preparing himself to face all kinds of difficulties. Guruji commence his first Missionary tour eastward in 1554 Bikrami from Sultanpur. After visiting many nearby places. Dharamkot, Bhatner, Bhatinda, Bikaner, Sirsa, Marwad, he reached Ajmer the center of Muslims Sufi Faqir, from Ajmer he left to Mount Abu via Sarohi, where a religious temple of Jain sect. exist. At Mount Abu he had a religious discourse with Jainees. In 1567 Guruji commenced his Second Missionary " Udasee". Guruji preached towards south & he reached Indore. After crossing river Narmada he entered C.P ( now in M.P.). Then he reached Onkareshwar, which is situated on the bank of Narmada via: Hoshangabad, Narsingpur, Panchwati and Khandawa. Onkareshwar is the place where Guruji composed the verses of 'Dakhani Onkar'. There after visited Burhanpur, Narsi (Brahmani) place of Bhagat Namadev ji Akola, Hingoli, then Hounda, Basmatnagar,& Guru ji reached Maal Tekdi at Nanded.

Nanded is a Historic place where now stands one of the most sacred shrines of  the Sikhs Called Takhat Sachkand Sri Hazur Sahib ( Spritual and Temporal seat of authority). It is a holy place, which is well known as "Deccan desh hari ka wasa". Internationally famous for last resting place of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth Guru of Sikhs is always spiritually present. At Maal Tekdi, one Mohammedan Saint Lakkar Shah was anxiously waiting for the arrival of Guru Nanak dev ji . When Guru ji appeared there, blessed the saint saying LakKar Shah, your prayers have been answered and fulfilled; due to your prayers this place has become sacred. Linked with service of spiritual events (catena) and therefore people from all corners of the globe visit this shrine to pay their homage, "you have become very old" Guruji adviced the saint for brooming the place and will receive one ashrafi daily. At this place now stands a beautiful Gurudwara known as Gurudwara Maal Tekdi Sahib. Throughout his life the said Faqir continued his brooming service daily. His tomb is situated on the rear side of the Gurudwara. From here, after visited the places of Nanakpuri, Kandhar, Medak, Kailash, etc. Guruji reached Bidar, which is now a district in the state of Karnataka.

In those olden days, Bidar was small village on a hilly track, Guruji's stayed at the outskirt of the village on the foot of a Hill, being a Scenic beauty.

No greenery was visible throughout the area for lack of water sources and the inhabitants were longing for clean sweet drinking water.

Guruji instructed Mardana to play Rabab and himself started singing divinely songs. Quite near the place, there was a monastery of Muslim ascetics Pir Jalaluddin & Jaicab. His followers heard the divine music and came there. After some deliberations, the Pir was impressed and ravished with the holy personality of the Guru ji and made obeisance. The Pir also narrated the woeful condition of the local people due to the scarcity of the drinking water. The water at the Bidar was Saland was not fit for the drinking purpose. Due to the worst condition no person from the surrounding area was prepared to give their daughter in marriages to a boy residing at Bidar. The local people who thronged to Guru ji to seek his blessings also complained about the hardship they were facing for want of clean sweet drinking water. On hearing the extremely painful plight and prayers of the people, the compassionate and merciful Guruji was very much moved & uttering 'Sat Kartar' touched his wooden sandal, which he was wearing from a nearby hillock, and removed a stone. To the surprised and delight of all, unrest rain of clean sweet drinking water started gushing out. The water from that place is flowing with pomp and pride since last 500 years. This place has become internationally famous as 'Nanak Jhira' means a spring of water. This spiritual event took place around march/April 1512 A.D. Since then, clean and sweet drinking water is continuosly flowing from this spring and by the Grace of Guru Nanak, it will continue to flow forever. This water is good for health from hydropath point of view and cures many incurable ailments. A magnificent Gurudwara has been built at this place.

Thousands of pilgrims from all corners of the Globe visit this sacred shrine every year to pay their homage and receive blessings of Guru Nanak Dev ji.

As topographical features, Bidar town is the Head - Quarters of Bidar District located in south of India, further precisely, it is situated at " North west at Karnataka at height of 2010 feet (618.7 meters) above sea level and purely rocky soil known as " Deccan Plateau". The climate is always cool and very favorable for health from medical point of view. This town of Bidar is famous for Bidar Silver Work through out India and Global basis.

Bidar is located at a distance of 200 Kms from Nanded ( Huzur Sahib) & 140 Kms from Hyderabad, & well connected with the south central Railways and Bus Routes.

Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev ji is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year in the month of November. The procession carrying Nishan Sahib is taken on this auspicious occasion. A great number of devotees also visit to participate in this sacred place on the eve of Dassera and Holi Festival as well.

In respect of Gurudwara Sri Nanak Jhira Sahib, It will not be out of place to mention here that this Gurudwara is second super natural occurrences of Sri Nanak Dev ji, whereas, the first one was " Sri Punja Sahib (Now in Pakistan & strictly prohibited for free visits), Hence Gurudwara Sri Nanak Jhira Sahib is " Second Punja Sahib" of India.

The spiritually excellent view of this Gurudwara Sahib is very pleasant and highly attractive which certainly ravish every one with its beauty.

After visiting Bidar, Guru Nanak Dev ji proceeded to Sri Lanka to bless the then Raja Shivnabh who became devotee on account of Mansukh, Indian National Businessman, and a disciple of Guruji who had been to Sri Lanka for Bussiness via Rameshwaram, Gulbarga, Golkonda, Hyderabad, Vijaywada, Kurnool, Ananthapur, Cuddapha, Tirupathi, Madras, Arcot, Pondicherry, Tanjaur, Tirchanapally, etc. At Rameshvarm, there is an excellent monument built in memory of the Great Guru's visit.

How to Get to Nanak Jhira Bidar Gurudwara

Every year, pilgrims visit this Gurudwara en mass and they may employ the use of roadways, railways and airways to reach this temple.

Air – The nearest airport is Begumpet International Airport at Hyderabad. You have to take a bus from here to reach Bidar in Karnataka.

Road – On the Bangalore–Hyderabad route luxury buses are operated daily, and these run to Bidar. The journey takes nearly sixteen hours.

Train – The nearest railhead is at Bidar. There are various trains connecting Bidar from Bangalore and Hyderabad. People can also take a train up to Gulbarga and then take a bus to Bidar. Gulbarga to Bidar by bus is around one and a half hours.

Nanak Jhira Bidar Gurudwara – Facts:

Free food is provided for all pilgrims who visit this gurudwara. A Sikh museum is also present here in memory of the Sikh Guru and houses important historical events in the history of Sikhism in the form of paintings and pictures. An engineering college, a free hospital, a college, a polytechnic institution and two schools are now run by the management of the Nanak Jhira Bidar Gurudwara. Nearly four to five lakh pilgrims visit this gurudwara every year. Major festivals like Holi, Dussehra and Guru Nanak’s birthday attracts as many as 30000 visitors per day.


Where to stay:


Blackbuck Resort
Near Khanapur, Vilaspur Tank, Vilaspur Post, Bidar 585 402
Tel: 080-4055 4055, 094495 99774

Hotel Sapna International
Udgir Road, Bidar 585 401
Fax: 08482-226 824

Hotel Mayura
Opp. Central Bus Stand, Bidar 585 401
Tel: 08482-228 142/ 143,094494 58840

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