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Bhimashankar Temple, Pune, India

Bhimashankar Temple, Pune, India


Bhimashankar Temple

Bhimashankar is an ancient shrine situated in the Sahyadri hills in the state of Maharashtra. It is one of the well known Jyotirlinga, amongst the twelve jyotirlingas situated all over India. Bhimashankar is located in the village of Bhorgiri 50 km north west of Khed, near Pune.  It is located 125 km away from Pune in the ghat region of the Sahyadri hills.

In recent times it has gained tremendous significance since it was declared as "WILD LIFE SANCTUARY".
It is also becoming one of the attractive and well known religious places in Maharashtra as well as in India.
Bhimashankar is the source of the river Bhima, which is known as Chandrabhaga in Padharpur.

History :


There was a demon Tripurasura who did penance in the jungle of Bhimashankar very long ago i.e. in Tretayug, to please Lord Shiva in order to achieve the gift of immortality.

Lord shiva, who is specially known for his kindness towards his devotees, was pleased with Tripurasura's commitment towards him. So as usual, he blessed him with the power of immortality with a condition that, "He should strive in the best interest of people, or he may be sued permanently for violating the condition. "

With the flow of time, Tripurasura forgot the condition to which he was abided, and eventually started harassing people as well as other deities. There was a chaos for which all the deities approached Lord Shiva for remedy.

Thus in order to sue Tripurasura, Lord Shiv prayed to Goddess Parvati (Kamalaja Mata) in order to help him to accomplish this task. Accordingly Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati underwent a new form which is popularly known as "Ardha-Narya-Nateshwar" and killed Tripurasura on Kartik Pournima which is known as "Tripurari Pornima".

After the death of Tripurasura his wives (Dakini and Shakini) went to Lord Shiva with a question of their existence without Tripurasura. Thus Lord Shiva blessed both of them, with the power of immortality which he did to Tripurasura. Henceforth the realm Bhimashankar is known as "Dakinyam Bhimashankaram".

Bhimashankar Big Bell

Best time to visit :

The best period to visit Bhimashankar in between September to February.
If you like monsoon and trekking the you can visit in June, July also.
In the rainy season there is heavy rain in Bhimashankar.


Climates in various Seasons :

    Summer : Not so hot.
    Rainy Season : Very heavy rain.
    Winter : Very Cold at night and early in the morning

- Bhimashankar Temple Schedule -
4.30 AM                            Kakada Aarti
5.00 AM                            Nijarup Darshan
5.30 AM                            Regular Pooja,Abhishek starts
12.00 PM                          Naivedya Pooja (No Abhishek inside)
12.30 PM                          Regular Pooja,Abhishek starts
3.00 PM                            Madhyan Aarti (No Darshan for 45min)
4.00 PM to 9.30 PM         Shringar darshan (No Abhishek inside)
7.30 PM                            Aarti
9.30 PM                            Mandir Closed

Note :-

- Except Monday, Pradosh, Shravan Mass, Mahashivratri - Present Abhisheka (Abhishek inside temple ) till 2.00 PM.

- On Monday, Pradosh, Shravan Mass, Mahashivratri - Present Abhisheka (Abhishek inside temple ) till 6.00 PM

How to reach Bhimashankar Temple:

Bhimashankar Water Fall

The nearest airport is Pune connected with different cities in India.

The nearest railhead is Pune that is well-connected to various cities of Maharashtra and other places of India.

Good motorable roads connect Bhimashankar with various cities and places in Maharashtra.
Bhimashankaram is:

    265 km from Mumbai
    95 km from Pune
    151 km from Ahmednagar
    191 km from Nashik

Where to Stay:

Govt Rest HouseKhed Rajgurunagar
Tel: 02135-222028,

Reservation: Executive Engineer, 
PW North Division,
New Admn Building,
Tel: 020-26123305.

Govt Rest House,
Narayangaon, Tal. Junnar,
Tel: 02132-242074,

Reservation: Executive Engineer,
National Highway Division no: 5,
Tel: 020-26121485.

Sights to See

Bhimashankar Temple
One of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India, Bhimashankar Temple is built in Nagara style. This is the place where lord Shiva is believed to have taken rest after slaying the notorious demon Tripurasura. The Shiva Lingam which is enshrined inside the complex of the shrine, measures around one and a half feet and is quite narrow. Goddess Kamalaja is also enshrined here. Two idols of Nandideva can also be found here.

  • Datta Mandir
  • Kamalaja Mata Mandir 
  • Ram Mandir


‘I’ Block, Central Building,
Sassoon Hospital Rd, Pune
Tel: 26126867, 26128169.

M.T. D. C. Counter,
Pune Rly. Station,
Tel: 26111720;

CDO Hutments,
Madam Cama Road,
Tel: 22845678

Tourist Office:

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